CPH Clean Air 

The leading Scandinavian supplier of airborne surface disinfection technology, as well as advanced air purifying solutions.

Our surface disinfection solutions based on low concentration aerosolized hydrogen peroxide (also known as ‘dry fogging’) combine simple, yet highly efficient technology with the best chemicals available. We consistently outperform our competition and at the same time match the most sophisticated technologies, except on the price point! Which in our case is significantly lower.

Our formulas do not contain silver in any form. We have consolidated our solutions with a bit of peracetic acid and are present in numerous municipalities (elderly care facilities), in hospitals, with the armed forces, in research facilities and in manufacturing and private companies. You will find our machines in both Denmark, Norway and Sweden.

Copenhagen Clean Air Company was established in the fall of 2009. We are based in Copenhagen, so the name is a given, albeit a bit long. We therefore often go by the name of CPH Clean Air.

Disinfection of rooms and surfaces

CPH Clean Air is founded on a vision of making a difference and providing simple perfection. Our goal has since the beginning been to help create clean air, clean spaces and a cleaner, healthier indoor climate.

We offer solutions that are well documented and guaranteed efficient: Air and surface hygiene, disinfection and allergy prevention. Fewer microorganisms. Less irritation, less smell and fewer unwanted particles. Anywhere and anytime.